There are many questions that could prop up before when you think over to start an online grocery business. Well there are similar varints of the same question which i would like to address out here through this writing. I would like to disclaim you before you could make an assumption about me. Im not into food business or online food retailing or have been trying to venture into food segment. But i had an experience of my friend who tried to go very much hyperlocal and succeeding with his business venture.

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The different variants of this question which i would like to address through this post are:
1.How do I start a vegetable home delivery business?
2.How can I start a fruit & vegetable distribution business?
3.How much do online shops that sell vegetables and fruits make in metro cities?
4. I want to start a wholesale vegetable business . How do I start this business?
5.What are risks involved in starting a e-commerce portal for grocery, fruits and vegetables in India?
Further up on this article, i would like to open about different perspectives on how you could run your business.
#1. Management Perspective.
#2.Technological Perspective.
#3. How technology can drive your business to success.
The above are the main topics which i would be addressing with.
First: Busniess Goals.
With the idea to start the online ecommerce business in grocery, you would have been already divulging yourselves dreaming about the fantasies on how best you will make sales, earn some profits. Thats the long term plan you could plan with the business idea , and that’s what everyone does. However, if you are a dreamer and knowing well to connect the business ideas with actions, knowing the pain-points that would take you through this journey, you will be sucessful.
Management Perspective:
Online Food business operates globally with the same principle. Someone buys the product and you will deliver them instant. This “instant” Concept operates around globally for grocery. You might be okay to invest 2000 USD on development of an ecommerce store. But you might not have enough funds to sustain your marketing across your state or country. Yes, it requires a lot of funding, field sales representatives, the finest technology brains and tech guiders to implement your concept with the local grocery shop. For this, lets start our operations lean.
Start your business lean. Keep growing lean. Sustain yourselves bigger. I can show you a good picutre which can help you understand what i mean here by lean.

Lean Startup Concept Model from
You can learn from the above image on how the one who dumps in just money and does nothing keeps out still dumping in what he has and no signs of growth output. The business can eat and will eat whatever money you put into it. You put in a million Dollar, your business is capable of swallowing them. However, there is another alternative. Lookout investing by patches. Group by group. Segment by segment. You will see the sprouts coming up.

What does the above translate for my food business?

The venture which you would be starting out, should have its first focus in a small geography. Try to enrich that geography with your brand. Never pull out of yourselves off the geography, unless you are convinced, your brand has reached to the top slot in that geography. Try to connect with various stores in that geography.

 Provide your Field sales representative with such tools so those could be of use in the daily usage among the store owners and it could benefit your business model in integrating their database with your store. Any increase or decrease in stocks automatically alerted and you can give the provision for the store owner to replenish the stocks.

You can also give a POS based on this operation where the store owner can deliver out a bill in less than under 30 seconds.

Keep repeating the same until you take the lead of all the stores into your business. This can take a month or a quarter or an year. Patience hold the key to success!

This is the most vital part through which you have to be operating your business. This tech holds the key to your success.

With webnexs, we offer you the technology that can fundamentally empower you meddling with 300+ features. You can obviously do what ever you would like to perform.

Checkout our 300+Features for the store here.

Now, that you would be adding out a lot of vendors for your business, and these vendors should be able to add products themselves, manage their orders and see their delivery, payment solutions. You can see the features here on them.

You can have a look at our Ecommerce Offering Here.
For Multivendor offering, you can have a look here.

You can checkout how multivendor store for grocery will operate.

And here is how your concept works better than other multivendor store development companies. I would also love to open up how your process flow will go on. You may take a look here.

The above process starts with the business idea and it goes downto wireframing and the to the next stages until we are launching the business, there are stages and fragments through which we will operate. Your store has to also have the concept of Hyper local marketing Feasibility. We focus on that and help your business have them intgerated into the store.

There are certainly few risks which are associated. But you can avoid them by referring to our Lean startup model. I have mentioned much on the risk mitigation strategy in the Lean section. For marketing in metro cities, focus on a small beat( a small range of community), then extend to the next community and then again repeat the same. By this you can eventually spread out and your multiplication factor could be 2X or 5X with patience rewarding much of its fruit.

You can have a write to us to know in better about a quick solution for your business and get to know how webnexs can help your business to success.

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